Spring in the Leland Valley


It’s been a slow in coming…not even sure I can say it is here yet? But yesterday was our best day yet! 71 and sunny. We enjoyed every minute of it. The boys are happily munching on fresh green grass and we enjoy every bit of sunshine that we get! It is a good time to come to the farm, for group or treat yourself to an individual session. We look forward to seeing you soon πŸ™‚

IMG_6756so much to appreciate in life. a new grandson named lincoln. almost 3 months and happy and healthy. a new title, grandma lee πŸ™‚ riding itchy twh in the mountains in the seven mile valley in mt. time with friends, swimming, riding, sleeping under the stars! new friends, old friends, 4 legged friends, hiking in the mountains, staying in neat cabins, road trips in truck and riding the harley. 4 legged neighbors, clients from around the world, playing canasta with friends, visiting lincoln, kristen, aaron, lorinda, mom, and others. meeting folks along the way. evening rides, fresh grass hay, beautiful days, beautiful nights, learning and growing, safe travels, and more to come! What’s on your gratitude list for this summer and fall?

it all started with this beautiful girl



Murren turns seven this week. My friend Carolyn and myself, picked her up on the Friday after Thanksgiving 2009. At the time I was working in residential addiction treatment, and I knew I wanted more, I wanted animals to be a bigger part of helping people. I knew horses would be part of that healing and was researching programs, where I could train. I also knew dogs would be a big part of healing for folks. I researched for 2 years to find the right breed Β and dog for me. To be a therapy dog. Her papers read “The Princess Murren” she had held true to this always crossing her paws and looking like a lady, even in a pasture of mud πŸ™‚ She has greeted boys, coming to live in treatment for 5 months, missing there pets at home. Laid on the floor with them, while they loved on her or played battleship. She would interrupt morning meditation bounding to greet the sleepy young men who would perk up at the sight of her. She has taught lessons in patience, kindness Β and the importance of a gentle approach. Weekly in the Quilcene School the 2nd graders read to Murren and 4 other dog teams. One week the teacher who directs the children to their dog team was not there and they all lined up to read to Murren. When we are doing coaching sessions at the farm, after a warm welcome to clients, she settles in nearby. She participates holding space in her gentle, kind way. It is not unusual to look up and notice a circle of animals surrounding us. Dogs, horses, and other equines. So this is a tribute to Murren and her 7 years of giving to all. Everywhere she goes smiles erupt on faces. so, thank you M and all you have brought to me and our team at ETE.

P.S. Murren is also well known on Facebook, with her “Where’s Murren” posts. Stay tuned possibly a children’s book in the works πŸ™‚



IMG_5127There you are, I don’t have to pray, I don’t need to see, you accept me as I am. You love me merely because I exist. For two hours you have my heart and I feel my soul, through your eyes. You are more than a horse, for you are my SWEET.

From a group member after today’s group. 10/24/15


IMG_8964[1]The last few days I was feeling discouraged. I did not have anyone show for group on Saturday 😦 The boys and I were ready. Group had been going along with participants and great work happening with the clients and with the horses! Including Tiggs the mule who is showing up like a rock star. You never know the difference a day will make. Today, Monday morning, I have an email to schedule an individual appointment for this week or next. I also have a date to speak next week at an event called Women helping Women. (Thursday 7/23 at Port Townsend Yacht Club at 6 PM) This Wednesday we are scheduled to do Dream Theater in the pasture with the horses. I feel so blessed to do this work! I KNOW this is my calling, my whole life has lead to this point. I KNOW the power of the horses and the EGCM Method to change lives. It’s all in place, I am here living with my boys, in paradise. Something this good, and Spirit lead, cannot not succeed. It’s all about keeping the FAITH. And doing the footwork, so people know about the good work that is happening here at Leland Valley Farm.