So excited about 2013! Lots of new and exciting changes for the coming year! More to be revealed. Have already noticed changes in the herd and human relationships. Things seem to be opening up in new and positive ways!

Snowball has been lucky enough to get two eight year old girls for Christmas. But Ben is sorely missing his best friend. Please think of Benny and send him an extra hug!

No longer patiently waiting. Walking and working with the horses. Thank you for your support during this time!

Drop in Group has been well attended with new members and seasoned members. The horses look forward to it and have settled right in to the new rhythm in the barn. Cozy having the horses right there, part of the group. Moving to Saturdays for the winter has enabled us to be outside, if is is sunny and calm.

I will be posting dates for new Day Retreats soon. Come enjoy a day in the country, with old and new friends, horse and human.

As Sigurd Olson said.. there is a new adventure coming and I know it is a good one!

We hope to see you soon.. and share an adventure! Highest and Best in the New Year! From all of us at ETE!

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