Sweet’s Birthday!


Sweet is 8 today. 2 years ago today, Sweet became the first in my healing horse herd! We were not sure of his official birthday, and we knew he was 6 or 7, so I decided, the anniversary of becoming my boy would be a good day to also celebrate his birthday. So much has happened in this last 2 years. He has stepped up in a big way, putting his hoof up to do this work. I believe this is why he came to me. He has since been accepted as # 2 in the International Healing Horse Registry! Has worked with Melisa and fellow herdmates at the WA Grad Core in August 2012 and continues to prove himself to be a wonderful healer and partner on a daily and weekly basis. He is loving living with his partner Ben at the Leland Valley Ranch, off of Snow Creek Rd. just south of 104 and 101. Sweet is very curious and always up for a new adventure. He is a quick learner and one very smart Arabian. Next time you come down for group, a retreat or an individual session, bring Sweet a birthday apple. (his favorite) Hope to see you soon!

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