Happy Spring to all! The grass is growing, the birds are singing, the frogs are serenading, the crocuses are blooming. The air is feeling warm, (most days at least). A lot has happened and a lot is coming up! We had a great gaited horse clinic with Rick Brighton yesterday. We will schedule another date with Rick for early fall. Kim Levinson Reiki Master will be presenting a 1 day Equine Reiki Workshop on April 12th. Due to much snow and other factors, Angie delayed her Mindful Horsemanship Clinic to May17th. The next day on the 18th Angie and myself will offer coaching with the horses, for whoever would like to participate. We have Ashara Morris coming to WA on May 10th and 11th for another Can you Hear them Speak? And May 31st-June  1st I will be flying to CO to co facilitate with Ashara Can you hear them Speak. We have Genogram, Temperament and Overnight retreats coming up this summer.The boys and I look forward to seeing you again, and or meeting you!


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