a fabulous year at leland valley ranch and beyond

IMG_6755there is no doubt fall is here, the leaves are changing along with the weather. it is a beautiful time to be out with the horses or riding on the trails. It has been a full year for empowerment through equus, me and the boys and all of our lovely clients. the year started out with rIck brighton coming to the peninsula to facilitate a gaited horse clinic. there have been many individual sessions in the pasture with Sweet and Ben. always varied and always powerful for the clients. We have a committed group of women and new ones joining our saturday group, there has been much growth and support, fun and laughter along the way. tiggs the mule is one of the group members new favorites.

IMG_7152kim levinson taught reiki for humans and horses in the spring, we even got to watch one of the angus steers enjoy reiki.

we also had a children’s day in the spring that was well attended and had a chance to enjoy all of the animals on the farm.

jan haliday from the  port townsend leader came out and wrote and piece on the work that happens at the farm with the horses showing up for humans in ways that surprise and delight and bring healing and forward movement.

as i write i realize that the happenings this year have been many. melisa pearce published an article about empowerment through equus in her newsletter and i had a poem published in the 2nd anthology touched by a horse, equine gestalt coaching stories. and a group of grads published a book, year of the horse, with horse photos and quotes, which i am a part of.

i had the opportunity to travel to calgary and denver to further my training as an equine gestalt coach, and spend time with many fellow coaches and horses along the way.

this weekend we are planning an overnight with the horses, including sleeping under the stars, dinner on the fire and a night hike. there is still time to sign up for this event.

as the fall nights get longer, i will be planning for next year, including bringing more equine gestalt coaches to the leland valley ranch, and providing more exciting opportunities for participants. we will continue group and individual sessions and special workshops through the fall and winter protected by our natural barn, the hundreds of year old cedars and some cozy by the fire.

we hope you are enjoying your fall and we see you soon at the farm 🙂

lisa and the boys

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