living with the boys


i am so grateful that I am now living at the farm with ben and sweet. i have wanted this for so long, and it has finally come to pass:) i sold my house at beckett point so i could live and work with the boys. i loved every minute at beckett point, the amazing ever changing views, of the mountains, the sky, the strait of juan de fuca, discovery bay and on and on. making a commitment to live with the boys has brought it’s own rewards 🙂 I am getting to know the beautiful leland valley farm and area initmately, seeing so many things from a new perspective. even something as simple as mowing and seeing the house through the orchard, or the evening sun through the hundreds year old cedars and the glowing grass in the field behind the trees.


hearing the boys nicker and seeing them run and play from the window of my place. experiencing them opening up further as a result of sharing this time and place. often the boys like to lay down mid morning. one morning when both were laying down, sweet let me sit on his back, and even through my leg over like i was riding him. in my committing to them, i feel they are more committed to me. what a beautiful feeling. i am also getting to know the surrounding area with trail rides and adventures. appreciating the cool shade, and the amazing northwest flora and fauna. I am finding all the best swimming holes and places for our overnights and women’s adventure retreat. it’s all good and getting better. the boys and i look forward to your visit, whether it be for a group, individual session, an overnight or retreat, or a customized adventure, we have so much to share with you!

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