IMG_8964[1]The last few days I was feeling discouraged. I did not have anyone show for group on Saturday 😦 The boys and I were ready. Group had been going along with participants and great work happening with the clients and with the horses! Including Tiggs the mule who is showing up like a rock star. You never know the difference a day will make. Today, Monday morning, I have an email to schedule an individual appointment for this week or next. I also have a date to speak next week at an event called Women helping Women. (Thursday 7/23 at Port Townsend Yacht Club at 6 PM) This Wednesday we are scheduled to do Dream Theater in the pasture with the horses. I feel so blessed to do this work! I KNOW this is my calling, my whole life has lead to this point. I KNOW the power of the horses and the EGCM Method to change lives. It’s all in place, I am here living with my boys, in paradise. Something this good, and Spirit lead, cannot not succeed. It’s all about keeping the FAITH. And doing the footwork, so people know about the good work that is happening here at Leland Valley Farm.

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