IMG_6756so much to appreciate in life. a new grandson named lincoln. almost 3 months and happy and healthy. a new title, grandma lee 🙂 riding itchy twh in the mountains in the seven mile valley in mt. time with friends, swimming, riding, sleeping under the stars! new friends, old friends, 4 legged friends, hiking in the mountains, staying in neat cabins, road trips in truck and riding the harley. 4 legged neighbors, clients from around the world, playing canasta with friends, visiting lincoln, kristen, aaron, lorinda, mom, and others. meeting folks along the way. evening rides, fresh grass hay, beautiful days, beautiful nights, learning and growing, safe travels, and more to come! What’s on your gratitude list for this summer and fall?

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  1. Hi Lisa-What a beautiful website and a blessed life you have. So nice to read about all that you are grateful for…helps me to remember to count my blessings daily, too:o)

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