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I am an Equine Gestalt Coach, partnering with my horses to serve young and old alike to live from their authentic selves and live the life they desire.

a fabulous year at leland valley ranch and beyond

IMG_6755there is no doubt fall is here, the leaves are changing along with the weather. it is a beautiful time to be out with the horses or riding on the trails. It has been a full year for empowerment through equus, me and the boys and all of our lovely clients. the year started out with rIck brighton coming to the peninsula to facilitate a gaited horse clinic. there have been many individual sessions in the pasture with Sweet and Ben. always varied and always powerful for the clients. We have a committed group of women and new ones joining our saturday group, there has been much growth and support, fun and laughter along the way. tiggs the mule is one of the group members new favorites.

IMG_7152kim levinson taught reiki for humans and horses in the spring, we even got to watch one of the angus steers enjoy reiki.

we also had a children’s day in the spring that was well attended and had a chance to enjoy all of the animals on the farm.

jan haliday from the  port townsend leader came out and wrote and piece on the work that happens at the farm with the horses showing up for humans in ways that surprise and delight and bring healing and forward movement.

as i write i realize that the happenings this year have been many. melisa pearce published an article about empowerment through equus in her newsletter and i had a poem published in the 2nd anthology touched by a horse, equine gestalt coaching stories. and a group of grads published a book, year of the horse, with horse photos and quotes, which i am a part of.

i had the opportunity to travel to calgary and denver to further my training as an equine gestalt coach, and spend time with many fellow coaches and horses along the way.

this weekend we are planning an overnight with the horses, including sleeping under the stars, dinner on the fire and a night hike. there is still time to sign up for this event.

as the fall nights get longer, i will be planning for next year, including bringing more equine gestalt coaches to the leland valley ranch, and providing more exciting opportunities for participants. we will continue group and individual sessions and special workshops through the fall and winter protected by our natural barn, the hundreds of year old cedars and some cozy by the fire.

we hope you are enjoying your fall and we see you soon at the farm 🙂

lisa and the boys


Happy Spring to all! The grass is growing, the birds are singing, the frogs are serenading, the crocuses are blooming. The air is feeling warm, (most days at least). A lot has happened and a lot is coming up! We had a great gaited horse clinic with Rick Brighton yesterday. We will schedule another date with Rick for early fall. Kim Levinson Reiki Master will be presenting a 1 day Equine Reiki Workshop on April 12th. Due to much snow and other factors, Angie delayed her Mindful Horsemanship Clinic to May17th. The next day on the 18th Angie and myself will offer coaching with the horses, for whoever would like to participate. We have Ashara Morris coming to WA on May 10th and 11th for another Can you Hear them Speak? And May 31st-June  1st I will be flying to CO to co facilitate with Ashara Can you hear them Speak. We have Genogram, Temperament and Overnight retreats coming up this summer.The boys and I look forward to seeing you again, and or meeting you!



ImageSo much news to share, It has been an amazing summer, with fabulous WA weather! Lots of groups and individual sessions at Leland Valley Ranch. Lots of trail rides through the forest on the logging roads. August brought a bike trip to MT, 1700 miles of back roads, sleeping under the stars, swimming in rivers and streams. A mostly graduate CORE training with coach Peggy MacArthur and mentor Melisa Pearce at Jamie Stoltfuz’s, ‘Spurring Change’ 6800 acre Ranch in Philipsburg, MT. 2 weeks of the outdoors, riding, horses, coaches and coaching! It was fabulous! Got to spend time with EGCM Coach Brenda Westwood, ‘Horse Sense Healing’ at her ranch in Kila, MT, and work with her horses Jet and Frankie. Both awesome healers, Jet is a grey Arab and Frankie a Quarter horse Arab cross. Also got to spend time in Spirit Lake, ID with EGCM Coach Maarten Homen, ‘Equitruth’ more coaching. And came home to my good friend and EGCM Coach from Calgary Jocelyn Hastie of Celestina Ranch and ‘Unbridled.Ca’ We both worked with Sweet and Ben at the Leland Valley Farm. What an amazing 2 weeks. Everyone and everything I love best! And more learning to share with my clients!


Fall is here, today is the autumnal equinox. As I rode Ben through the forest, the ferns were glistening lite up by the filtered sunlight, after a brief shower. The big vine maple leaves crunched under hoof. There was more light in the forest, as the leaves were starting to thin. It was very still and quiet, it felt distinctly different than our summer rides. Change is in the air.

ImageLastly, I am very excited about our upcoming Weekend Retreat, October 19th and 20th. Ashara Morris EGCM Coach and the Pet Yente is coming up from CO to co-facilitate a weekend retreat learning to deepen your communication with your animal. We will have many animals to practice with at the Leland Valley Ranch and neighboring ranches. Contact Lisa or Ashara at http://www.harmonysheartfarm.com for more details.

Sweet’s Birthday!


Sweet is 8 today. 2 years ago today, Sweet became the first in my healing horse herd! We were not sure of his official birthday, and we knew he was 6 or 7, so I decided, the anniversary of becoming my boy would be a good day to also celebrate his birthday. So much has happened in this last 2 years. He has stepped up in a big way, putting his hoof up to do this work. I believe this is why he came to me. He has since been accepted as # 2 in the International Healing Horse Registry! Has worked with Melisa and fellow herdmates at the WA Grad Core in August 2012 and continues to prove himself to be a wonderful healer and partner on a daily and weekly basis. He is loving living with his partner Ben at the Leland Valley Ranch, off of Snow Creek Rd. just south of 104 and 101. Sweet is very curious and always up for a new adventure. He is a quick learner and one very smart Arabian. Next time you come down for group, a retreat or an individual session, bring Sweet a birthday apple. (his favorite) Hope to see you soon!

the boys grazing


the boys grazing

we are in our new, albeit temporary, location just off of snow creek road. the boys are happy and free. acres of pasture to graze. new neighbors, including 2 pretty palominos, cows, baby calves, and andy the llama. it is on the edge of the national forest, lush and green, fresh air, and century old cedars, to shelter in. with this fabulous combination of the wonderful earth energy and horse energy, groups have been amazing. do yourself a favor and set aside time to come down and experience this very special part of our peninsula.

ben is ten!

happy birthday benny! ben is ten today! we celebrated with a nice long ride and some special treats.

we know spring has sprung cos there are sweet waffles everywhere! and the horses are loving the spring grass!

we have moved the gestalt contact group back to wednesday nights 5:30 -7:30 pm.

We had a great mandala retreat in march. all of the mandalas were unique and creative, like the makers. it was a great day of new friends, insight and learning. warm and sunny, good food, good friends and personal growth supported by sweet, ben and the group!

hope to see you soon! bring an extra apple or peppermint for the birthday boy! sweet too…

spring grazing

spring grazing

sweet waffles

sweet waffles


So excited about 2013! Lots of new and exciting changes for the coming year! More to be revealed. Have already noticed changes in the herd and human relationships. Things seem to be opening up in new and positive ways!

Snowball has been lucky enough to get two eight year old girls for Christmas. But Ben is sorely missing his best friend. Please think of Benny and send him an extra hug!

No longer patiently waiting. Walking and working with the horses. Thank you for your support during this time!

Drop in Group has been well attended with new members and seasoned members. The horses look forward to it and have settled right in to the new rhythm in the barn. Cozy having the horses right there, part of the group. Moving to Saturdays for the winter has enabled us to be outside, if is is sunny and calm.

I will be posting dates for new Day Retreats soon. Come enjoy a day in the country, with old and new friends, horse and human.

As Sigurd Olson said.. there is a new adventure coming and I know it is a good one!

We hope to see you soon.. and share an adventure! Highest and Best in the New Year! From all of us at ETE!

every saturday drop in group noon-2:00 pm


changing to drop in group to saturdays! noon to 2 p.m.  take some time out from the busy holiday season to be with ben, sweet and members of the group! changing to saturdays for the winter months, so we can enjoy the light, and be outside if weather permits, come back feeling relaxed and recharged by the wonderful energy of the horses.

patiently waiting

september 30, a beautiful sunday afternoon, i was getting ready to take ben out for a trail ride. well, one wrong move, and i turned my foot, and later found out I fractured my 5th metatarsal. before I met dr. imatani, i didn’t even know i had a 5th metatarsal. being the determined woman i am, i still had a 3 hour trail ride on ben, and rode my harley home. it has been 7 weeks, today the dr. said 2 more weeks non weight bearing. i am hoping to walk soon. i miss being able to ride and be more active, with my horses. but, with the assistance of my faithful horse handler, pat, and some mechanical devices, i have been able to continue group, and do some individual work.

i hope your holidays are cozy and warm, spent with those you love.

come out and join us for some hot cider and group, or schedule an individual session. we also will be having a vision retreat on saturday december 29th. sign up today (before 12/10) and bring a friend for free!