aug 25th there is no much bounty on the farm. how is bounty and abundance showing up in your life? I would like to share to super easy recipes that came from this bounty. the first is a summer salad made from plums, blackberries and mint, a tasty combination. i slice up the plums and add the berries and cut up mint and wallah!

today for lunch,  I made a bblt, with romaine lettuce, bacon, mayo, cherry tomatoes and basil, no bread, wrapped it all up in the romaine. quick easy and tasty!




july 28th new growth, I notice it in the trees, the bright green new growth, it is full, lush and vibrant. we are well into summer and new growth is still appearing. where is your growing edge? what do you see new in your life that is full, lush and vibrant? the trees do it naturally. fed by source. how are you being fed and what is appearing for you?

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