Come Join us fo…


Come Join us for our Wednesday night drop in group. The weather has been great, and we have been having some awesome experiences with the horses. Lots of growth and insight for the participants. Sweet and Ben are enjoying the ongoing opportunity to connect with new friends. Dress warm as the nights are getting cooler. Be prepared for a peaceful getaway as the sun sets, and you can leave behind the worries of your week and enjoy being in the present moment with the horses. Call for directions, or if you have any questions. 

Lisa 360-821-9297



Ashara Morris, Angie Payne and myself graduated Friday August 10th 2012 as certified Gestalt Equine Coaches! We had a great weekend at Glenn and Ashara’s in the McKenna Forest Reserve. We had our CORE weekend with fellow students from Canada, MT, TX, VI, CO, AZ, and WA. We had a great, fun weekend with lots of learning. I was so grateful to have Sweet and Ben present to work their magic with the group. Angie Payne, worked with Sweetness and the Josh Nichols Method. She has studied with Josh for 10 plus years. Sweet made great strides in a short amount of time. Thanks you to Melisa Pearce for creating and teaching this incredible and cutting edge method of partnering with horses to bring deep emotional healing to people, by working through unfinshed business, which holds us back today.

So excited! Gra…


So excited! Graduation is quickly approaching! 8/10/12. In Yelm, WA. I will graduate with fellow herdmates; Ashara Morris of Harmony Heart Farm in Yelm and Angie Payne of Equine Connection for You in Calgary, Alberta. Melisa Pearce, my mentor and founder of the EGCM Method, Coach Peggy MacArthur, and 9 more students and guests will celebrate together! I am very blessed to have Ben and Sweet present also, to work with Melisa and the group throughout the weekend, practicing the EGCM Method. Everyone is welcome, so please come and share the special evening.

Check in again soon, as I will be posting dates for upcoming drop in groups and a Vision Retreat!

Ben, Sweet and I look forward to your visit!