ImageSo much news to share, It has been an amazing summer, with fabulous WA weather! Lots of groups and individual sessions at Leland Valley Ranch. Lots of trail rides through the forest on the logging roads. August brought a bike trip to MT, 1700 miles of back roads, sleeping under the stars, swimming in rivers and streams. A mostly graduate CORE training with coach Peggy MacArthur and mentor Melisa Pearce at Jamie Stoltfuz’s, ‘Spurring Change’ 6800 acre Ranch in Philipsburg, MT. 2 weeks of the outdoors, riding, horses, coaches and coaching! It was fabulous! Got to spend time with EGCM Coach Brenda Westwood, ‘Horse Sense Healing’ at her ranch in Kila, MT, and work with her horses Jet and Frankie. Both awesome healers, Jet is a grey Arab and Frankie a Quarter horse Arab cross. Also got to spend time in Spirit Lake, ID with EGCM Coach Maarten Homen, ‘Equitruth’ more coaching. And came home to my good friend and EGCM Coach from Calgary Jocelyn Hastie of Celestina Ranch and ‘Unbridled.Ca’ We both worked with Sweet and Ben at the Leland Valley Farm. What an amazing 2 weeks. Everyone and everything I love best! And more learning to share with my clients!


Fall is here, today is the autumnal equinox. As I rode Ben through the forest, the ferns were glistening lite up by the filtered sunlight, after a brief shower. The big vine maple leaves crunched under hoof. There was more light in the forest, as the leaves were starting to thin. It was very still and quiet, it felt distinctly different than our summer rides. Change is in the air.

ImageLastly, I am very excited about our upcoming Weekend Retreat, October 19th and 20th. Ashara Morris EGCM Coach and the Pet Yente is coming up from CO to co-facilitate a weekend retreat learning to deepen your communication with your animal. We will have many animals to practice with at the Leland Valley Ranch and neighboring ranches. Contact Lisa or Ashara at for more details.

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  1. SOUNDS LIKE A VERY REWARDING, fun filled full summer of grand new adventure!! So glad great ride and for your great ride and to share for you and all to visualize it

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